About Us

Hey guys,

My name is Todd Carruthers & I'm the owner and operator of supps42.com based here in Canberra, Australia! I've opened this store to provide an affordable, realistic outlet for people like you and I to purchase high quality supplements that aren't ridiculously overpriced to assist with our health and fitness goals.

I don't believe supplements are necessary at all and that we should strive to get our required nutrients from whole food sources. In saying that, life steps in and its quite hard to do the above on a consistent, daily basis. That's where supplements come into play, they fill the gaps. Ensuring though that these gaps are filled with high quality products is the key. That's what Supps42 aims to help you with! 

I have used my years of experience and knowledge working within the supplement industry in selecting brands and products that I truly believe in. I don't believe in over pricing products, whacking on $9.95 shipping to the advertised price once you get to the checkout or providing you with inaccurate, false information.

I do not have a "home brand" product that I will push down your throat in order to make the most amount of profit or KPI targets on a selected category to add on to each sale.

What you see is what you get with supps42.com!

Supps42 strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a customer service experience no other supplement retailer currently offers. This is done through our 5 main popular services we offer;

  • Free same day delivery service, 7 days a week for ACT residents. (Order online before 2pm, your order will arrive on your door after 2pm that same day, weekends included!)
  • Free shipping on all orders Australia wide, no minimum spend required
  • '3 Scoops or Less' service - exchange product if you don't like the taste, the effects etc. T & C's apply
  • Free samples added to every order, every time
  • Honest, accurate info & customer service
Supps42 are a straight up, no BS company who truly believe in helping you as best we possibly can. We're here because we need to be here.

Thank you for checking out our site out and welcome to Supps42!

Todd Carruthers
Owner, Supps42