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With the unfortunate spread of COVID-19, leading to the restrictions now enforced, we're literally looking for any reason to celebrate and have something to be positive about! We recently hit the big 5k followers on Instagram so figured it's a perfect time to show some love and thank you all for your continued support by having a massive 5 day '5k follower sale!!' From NOW until midnight AEST 29.03.20, feel free to use the code '5K' to score 20% off EVERYTHING store-wide! Free express shipping included on all orders, no min spends required!

We understand people's budget's are much tighter these days, so hopefully saving 20% off all your supplements to fuel those at home workouts, plus having them delivered straight to your door, is a small way that can help during these unpredictable times. Anything out of stock / unavailable during the sale (Eg Muscle Nation, Twix protein etc.) we're more than happy to honor the code and apply 20% off for you too! Just flick us a DM or email and we'll be sure to look after you!

Supps42 are also on the hunt for TEN new sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors to join the Supps42 family! If you're interested in joining our team, please shoot an email to todd@supps42.com with a bit about yourself, what your training goals are and most importantly, why you feel you'd be a great addition to our team! Entries close the same time as our sale! Keep an eye on our Instagram too for further details on our big 5k follower giveaway!! Lots of delicious goodies up for grabs!

Thank you again for your support!

Owner, Supps42

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