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Macro Mike is much more than just the food. 5 years ago the founder Mike Kellett after dealing with ongoing IBS went on a low fodmap / elimination diet finding both gluten and dairy to be his IBS trigger foods. He then started baking gluten free, dairy free and macro friendly clean treats. Mike took the best quality natural whole foods from every corner of the world and relentlessly experimented with one simple goal.
“My mission is to give back to anyone who ever feels they have ever had to restrict themselves from food; the most glorious natural resource we have on this planet.”
With the health and fitness industry being one of the most over-saturated markets of our time its considered crazy to even attempt something in the industry these days but Mike trusted his vision, found his tribe and had faith that the product would speak for itself. Macro Mike products now sit on the shelves of hundreds of the busiest and most sought after health food and supplement stores across Australia
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