F45 Training is the popular 45-minute, high intensity interval / circuit style workouts that are helping people around the world achieve their health and fitness goals. The 'F' stands for Functional with each workout using this as the basis to build their large variety of sessions around, offering different classes every day to their large member base.

The F45 8-week challenge allows members to undertake the ultimate challenge of competing against themselves. Whether you are looking to lose unwanted body fat, increase fitness, build lean muscle or all the above, the challenge gives participants all the tools required to succeed during this 8 week period.

Supps42 are proud partners of F45 and have created 4 different supplement packs that can assist with helping participants reach those goals. As mentioned in our 'About Us' section, we strongly emphasize the importance of prioritizing food first however understand the above statement is a lot easier said than done due to our busy lives. 

The packs are products that will fill the gaps in your nutritional regime and ones we believe are of the highest quality within their particular category. The packs are at a discounted rate to help participants save some extra money with each product hovering around the $1.00 - $2.00 per serve! Most importantly, they will assist in your challenge journey and positively contribute to getting you to your end goal!

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